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BSAOCNC Club Rides Cancelled for March and April

        With the world struggling with pandemic Corona Virus Covid-19 and many businesses, schools, sports leagues, etc.
        postponing or temporarily shutting down some activities, the BSAOCNC Board of Directors has voted to cancel our club rides through the end of
        The BSAOCNC East Bay ride that was scheduled for March 21, 2020 will not be held on that date. We may try to hold the ride later in the year.

        The Mid-State ride held in conjunction with the BSAOCSC and scheduled for April 17-19, 2020 is cancelled as far as our Club's participation
        is concerned. I spoke with Greg Goris and the So Cal Club has not discussed changes to their ride schedule due to the virus. He is going to
        investigate the situation on his end and get back to me. If the So Cal Club does not cancel their ride and any Nor Cal members want to attend
        they will need to contact Greg to make arrangements.

        Many of our members are in one or more high risk groups. This disease is much more communicable than SARS I or strains of the flu we have seen
        in the recent past and the World Health Organization has the overall Case Fatality Rate (CFR) or mortality rate at 3.4%. This number jumps to 8%
        for people over 70. Without testing the real rate of infection in the US is unknown, but is estimated between 50,000 and a half a million.

        We are a riding club and cancelling the rides isn't something that was done lightly. We are all hopeful that this is an unneccessary caution, but
        feel that we must be safe rather than sorry.

        Your Board of Directors
        BSA Owner's Club of Northern California



BSAOCNC "East Bay Ride"

BSAOCNC/SC "Mid-State Ride"

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